Attractions in Manila

Take a peek of the rich history of Manila and the Philippines without reading a bunch of books rather through the local attractions you can see. By simply traveling to Manila, you can get a glimpse of its past as well as present time. All these attractions reflect the wealthy history and culture of the Filipinos.

The name Manila was based on the plant called “nila” which is a flowering mangrove that vastly grows on the shores of Manila Bay. The earliest History of Manila was recorded back to the year of 900 AD. It was first called Ancient Tondo during the 1st millennium to 1589. However, it was then renamed Kingdom of Manila from 1500 – 1571 and Metropolitan Manila from 1975 – present.

Guests will surely be amazed with those still-existing old buildings, dated monasteries, old streets, medieval monuments and other ancient artifacts which contain valuable story about Manila. All of these are greatly preserved to be able to share the story of the city to the next generation. However, Manila is never behind when it comes to modern advancements. It possesses highly modernized facilities, buildings, parks, recreational areas, etc. From a very simple town to a very progressive city, Manila indeed has undergone significant changes. Some of the attractions you can find include parks, malls, galleries, museums and state of the art buildings. The best part is that most of these attractions are just walking distance. Thus, you wouldn’t have to take a cab to get to the next attraction.

Check out our huge list of attractions in Manila. Surely, you can collect tons of good memories during your visit in the city.