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Tokyo Tokyo

Address: 80-82 Roces Avenue Diliman Quezon City, Philippines, 1103
Mobile: +63917-8659622
Email: tokyotokyophilippines@gmail.com

When talking about Japanese restaurants in Manila area, Tokyo Tokyo is always on the list. It is considered as one of the oldest restaurants in the city that serve Japanese cuisine. Their wide array of Japanese dishes help introduce the Japanese culture to the Filipinos and tourists from other parts of the world.

Tokyo Tokyo is a popular Japanese fast food restaurant chain in the country. The restaurant became very popular among Filipino diners because of their promotional free rice refill. This is dubbed as eat-all-you-kanin literally meaning diners can eat all the rice that they can consume. This promo was started in the same time the restaurant opened in 1985 and has become one of the main reasons diners continue to come to Tokyo Tokyo branches.

As of now, Tokyo Tokyo has more than 50 stores in the Philippines primarily because it catered to franchisers. Tokyo Tokyo branches are in major cities in the country.

Restaurant History

Tokyo Tokyo opened its very first branch at the Quad Car Park in Makati City on April 22, 1985. The restaurant initially served Japanese dishes that include sashimi, yakisoba, sushi, tonkatsu and tempura. At around that time in 1985, most of the Japanese restaurants were very traditional. Tokyo Tokyo opted to work for it to become “mainstream” which became the greatest contributor to the success that it is enjoying right now.

Dishes to Try

Currently, Tokyo Tokyo is offering three types of sushi: spicy tuna roll, spicy kani roll and California maki. Their best seller variants of beef misono, pork tonkatsu, beef teriyaki, squid ika fry, prawn tempura and vegetable dishes are worth trying too. The restaurant is also known for their chicken teriyaki and chicken misono. These house specials have become synonymous to the adventurous take of Tokyo Tokyo on traditional Japanese dishes which most Filipino diners have enjoyed. Other must-try dishes include the Japanese style potato balls, yakisoba, kani crab soup and miso soup.

Best Sellers

The Tokyo Tokyo tonkatsu is a breaded deep fried porkchop which is served with rice and stir fried vegetables. The dish is crispy and yummy and even kids will love it.

The beef teriyaki is a serving of thinly sliced beef cooked to perfection. It is sprinkled with sesame seed and is known for its delicious taste. This is one of the dishes that is best paired with rice so if you are one who loves to eat a lot of rice, this is a dish that you should order.

Also try their ramen. This line of authentic noodle soup is perfect for cold days. The broth is cooked for 24 hours and the fresh noodles and quality ingredients all make a perfect comfort food.

The maki donburi is a line of delicious Japanese rice bowls. These are perfect for quick lunches as you have everything ready in one bowl.

Snacks and desserts are also available for those who are on a diet or are not very hungry. Try their delicious yakisoba, onion rings and potato balls for snacks or indulge in their line of exciting jelly desserts.

Bento meals are a complete Japanese meal in a box. These also come with California Maki, rice, stir-fried vegetables and red iced tea.

For sharing with a loved one, pick the sumo meal. The box usually comes with beef, seafood, pork and chicken dishes with rice and two servings of red iced tea.

Visit any Tokyo Tokyo branch to get your fix of delicious Japanese dishes.