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Tin-Aw Art Gallery

Address: Upper Ground Floor of Somerset Olympia Bldg. Makati Avenue, Makati City
Phone: 632 892 7522
Email: info@tin-aw.com
Work time:



Monday to Saturday

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Are you fond of decorating your home with unique and bold paintings? Tin-aw Art Gallery features audacious and striking art pieces that will surely catch the attention of anybody.

Makati gained much reputation as the leading financial and business district in the Philippines. However, businesses are not the sole reason why Makati attracts lots of visitors. Its popularity can likewise be credited to several art shops exhibiting and selling incredible masterpieces.

Tin-aw Art Gallery can be considered as one of those galleries in Makati area where you may stumble on varied artworks. But there is something that makes this gallery distinct from the rest. It does not just display the typical creative paintings and other artworks. The gallery houses several art pieces with beyond imaginative theme. Oftentimes, the work of their featured artist surprises the viewers, catches their attention and engages them deeply. At times, their artworks even provoke different feelings, leaving a lasting impression.

Tin-aw gallery is a famous venue for varied contemporary art exhibitions featuring the works of Filipino and some Asian artists. The gallery has hosted a number of exhibitions both solo and group show. In fact, their calendar is always jam-packed with so many exhibits on schedule. Each special event has a respective theme, such as Monumental, Exodus, Lieutang, Reality Check and The One The Morning After. The exhibition theme usually depends on the artist’s forte.

Featured Works

The gallery has a large selection of artworks by talented Filipino artists. Some of the artworks in Tin-aw Gallery include A Pope’s Message by Jojo Austria and Hollow Man by Rick Simpson. Other artists are Alwin Reamillo, Caroline Ongpin and Cian Dayrit. You may visit the gallery to check how interesting their works are. If you want to buy one, you can make an inquiry to learn more about the piece.

In the Filipino vernacular, the word “Tin-aw” means clear – like lucid water. And so from the name itself, it is pretty apparent that Tin-aw Art Gallery seeks to attract and bring people’s attention to artworks that are far from being ordinary.