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For a brand that has surpassed the test of time, there is no need to question its credibility. Timex watches have been widely used in varied parts of the world for such a long time. Why should you be left behind?

Established in 1854, Timex continues to live up to its commitment in manufacturing inexpensive yet reliable timepieces. At the present, the company remains one of the leaders in watch industry offering the widest selections of watches that suits the taste of every customer.

A Bit of History

Between 1850s – 1870s, the Waterbury Clock manufactured its own version of the then popular and reliable shelf and mantel clocks. During the time, the mantel clocks are a bit expensive. That is why, the company decided to make affordable yet dependable shelf and mantel clocks for working class Americans. In 1980s, its sister company Waterbury watch produced the first inexpensive mechanical pocket watch which then became a huge success. In 1900s, the Yankee pocket watch was released with a one dollar price tag.

It was not until 1917 when the first batch of wristwatches were created for the soldiers of World War I. The US Army contacted the Waterbury Clock to redesign the “Yankee” watch into a more convenient and compact timepiece wristwatch. After the war, the soldiers and veterans continued using the wristwatch, which then became a huge hit to civilians in 1920s.

In 1950, the Timex brand name made its debut in the market. By that time, the new wristwatch was deemed the world’s first low-cost yet truly reliable mechanical watch. After nine years, the first brand for women was launched – the Cavatina. The Timex brand suddenly became a household name when it comes to watches for men and women during the 1960s.


From its humble beginning, Timex is now a world-renowned watch maker and brand for over 150 years in the industry. From simple mantel clocks, their products continues to grow in variety through technology advancements. Indeed, technology innovation has helped them offer more state of the art timepieces for men, women and even kids. Some of their best products have made an impact in the market.

Cartoon character inspired watches are among their best sellers especially to children. In 1933, Waterbury Clock obtained the exclusive license from Walt Disney, allowing them to produce Micky Mouse watches and clocks. Ever since the released, timepieces with cartoon theme have become popular to young customers.

Moreover, Timex seamlessly pursued it tradition of offering fresh and technologically advanced watches. One of their best products in 1990s is the electroluminescent watch face. Using technological innovation they were able to produce digital and analog timepieces with blue-green “Indiglo” night-light feature. The first indiglo watch was launched in 1922.

Timex never failed to introduce new features in their products. That is why in 1994, Timex partnered with Microsoft to offer brand new item in their list – the “Data Link” system. It is a wrist instrument that enables user to carry personal information like phone numbers and schedules.

In the 21st century, Timex gained reputation of turning what seemed to be unimaginable features into reality. The products they introduced in 2000s were lifestyle-focused and more than just time telling pieces. More products were made, including performance sport tools that can calculate speed and distance equipped with GPS technology, heart rate monitors, and altimeters and compasses that are ideal for adventurers.

From 2008 and beyond, Timex continues to soar as the leading watch manufacturer in the market. They are igniting new products in new categories with more cutting-edge designs and features. Their latest focus is on the usage of recyclable raw materials and renewable energy as part of their green campaign.


Timex shops are located in various malls in the country. Or you may check out several watch stores to find Timex watches.

Wear your Timex watch with such grace as it does not just tell time, but it also tells history.