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SaGuijo Cafe & Bar

Where.. It is always about the music
Address: 7612 Guijo St, San Antonio Village, Makati City, Manila
Phone: 63 (2) 895-9271 / 63 (2) 896-0193 / 63 (2) 895-9272 / 63 (02) 897 8629
Email: saguijo@yahoo.com

Drink, music and arts are combines together in one place – SaGuijo Cafe and Bar. Guests can enjoy live music, sip favorite beverage and appreciate crafts of unknown artists. All of these can be experienced when you visit the bar.

“Where.. It is always about the music” – this is the tag line of SaGuijo Cafe and Bar. Aside from the fact that it is an ideal place to drink and have fun, the bar has had an ultimate objective from the day it was established. Its main purpose is to provide music enthusiasts with proper venue – a place where they can flaunt their talents and express their feelings through their music.

SaGuijo aims to give local, unsigned performers whether solo or band a chance to showcase their skills. For several years now, the bar became a favorite location for independent groups to perform their kind of music alongside other established and industry-known acts.


The bar appears to be pretty simple, an understated place. SaGuijo’s interior is furnished with warm yellowish – brownish wall coating, artcrafts, wooden tables and chairs, benches, paintings and artclippings. One can sense artsy atmosphere when you stepped inside the bar. There is a little stage on one corner where artists perform every night.

On its second floor is where hidden treasures can be found. Not the treasures you are thinking though. SaGuijo proudly housed a gallery of visual arts helping homegrown talents show off their creativity and talents. Who knows these up and coming artists will become Filipino pride.


Live music is the prime reason why people visit SaGuijo bar. Its limited first floor space enables the guests to jam with the performing artists. They pride themeelves on their diverse music playlists from pop, rap, rock club, jazz, electronica, funk, soulful ballads and folk. The bar highly encourage local artists who are unrecognized to give it a shot and share their passion with the rest of the customers. Unlike other nightspots, guests can visit the place without pretentions. Patrons can just be who they are – no fancy clothing.

If you are up for a lively evening, joining the party happening on the first floor would be perfect. Watch live performers while sipping your drink. Maybe you can meet and make new friends too. But if you want to take fresh air and just relax, the second floor is suitable with avant-garde displays.

Sometimes, some artists offer free art lessons that one can take advantage of.


SaGuijo stocks a notable line of beers and other liquor/non-liquor drinks. From local to imported brands, they can serve you what’s on the house. There are also something to nibble while enjoying the live bands.

The best part of visiting SaGuijo is listenting to the unheard music of some local artists. Its dual purpose – helping local music industry as well as the artists, while at the same time, giving entertainment to guests who want to be entertained. Do you want a different kind of nightlife experience? It’s the place to be.