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Quezon City Public Library

Address: Pag-asa Branch Rd 9, Project 6, Quezon City Metro Manila
Phone: (632) 927-98-34
Fax: (632) 922-40-60
Email: quezoncitypubliclibrary@yahoo.com
Work time:

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  1. 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Quezon Public Library has served a huge number of people living in the area for years. From little children to older people, the library is like a sanctuary where you can learn, discover and enjoy reading or researching in a quite place.

Quezon City Public Library opened on August 16, 1948 and is considered among the largest public libraries within the Metro Manila area. The library is composed of 21 libraries found within Quezon City, the biggest of which is the main library located at the back of the city hall. The main collection houses more than 18, 131 books with 71 computer stations which are used for Online Public Access Catalog, free internet use for residents of Quezon City and for encoding. There are a total of 60 employees who maintain the libraries and assist the users.

The Quezon City Library is able to serve 2.679 million or about 23% of the total residents of Metro Manila.


What is now known as the Quezon City Public Library started with only 4,000 books which were donated by the National Library. It was maintained by only four personnel and was located at the old Post Office at the back of the old city hall of Quezon City.

In 1953, Mayor Ignacio Santos-Diaz established another library in Project 3 and subsequently 8 additional branches were opened. The main library was moved to a spacious space at the back of the old city hall building in 1957.

In August 6, 1984 the new library building was inaugurated.


To ease the way through the vast collection of books and other materials, an online public access catalog is available for all the users of Quezon City Public Library. Here, books and different research materials are indexed and could be searched only by queuing the title, author and subject.


There are different services that the library offers. The Reader’s Services extends assistance to efficient, effective and easier retrieval and access of reference materials. The technical services are in-charge of organizing and acquiring the collections of the library. Administrative Services takes charge of aspects such as budgeting, records, fiscal management, property supplies, general services and many others. The Outreach Services maintains the branch libraries and reading centers.