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People’s Palace Thai Restaurant

Address: G/F Garden side Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1223
Phone: 63 (2) 729 2888
Fax: 63 (2) 728.4812
Email: reservations@peoplesplacethai.com

Craving for Thai food? Then the best place to go is People’s Palace. This restaurant gained much reputation because of their sumptuous and authentic Thai dishes. Now you do not have to go to Thailand just to taste their food. All you need to do is visit People’s Palace.

People’s Palace is the go-to place for a taste of modern Thai cuisine set in a modern and chic restaurant. Although considered more expensive than most restaurants offering authentic Thai dishes, the People?s Palace is a favorite because of their excellent food, service and ambiance.

The Restaurant

The restaurant has a studding main dining room which can seat up to 88 guests. Additional casual dining is provided in the long white glass bar.
There is also a garden dining area that fronts that restaurant. This can seat up to 50 more guests. The alfresco lounge area features leatherette day beds where guests can order cocktails or enjoy casual dining at low bench tables.

The restaurant, garden lounge and bar are open from Monday to Thursday at 11AM to 12MN, Friday and Saturday at 11AM to 2AM and Sunday from 11AM to 12MN. The kitchen is open from Monday to Thursday at 11AM to 2:30PM and 6PM to 11PM; Friday and Saturday 11AM to 12MN and Sunday 11AM to 11PM.

What to Order

There are several favorites that frequent diners order whenever they are in People?s Palace. This is very popular because the pomelo is juicy and the prawns are succulent and cooked perfectly. The prawns also come deveined and butterflied. The dressing is minimal because the fresh herbs like kaffir and lime leaf are abundant.

The green mango salad is another favorite. It is delicious but tends to be a little sweet, especially if the mangoes start to become sweet. The serving though is a balance of salty, sweet, sour and spicy so anyone who tries it would definitely love to finish this up on their own.

For a filling meal, order the fried rice paper spring rolls. The fresh spring rolls are perfect for the vegetarians who want to eat a great meal without meat. The sauce is perfect so you can have so much of the spring rolls without feeling overwhelmed.

Red Duck Curry is a favorite of many. It is not overly fat and is served over steamed rice. You will have a complete meal once you order this. The duck tastes so good that you will be surprised at how much you have consumed. Another option is the green chicken curry.

Leave room for desserts too because the menu offers a lot of these tempting and delicious sweets to your contentment. From chocolates, panna cotta, sticky rice with coconut cream and mango and many other treats are waiting.

There are nice and refreshing drinks that health-conscious diners can order. After all the sinfully good dishes, drink the lime juice and lemongrass with ginger drinks. The two drinks are healthy and delicious that you can just forget about all the tempting sodas in the menu.

The People’s Palace restaurant also caters to events.