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National University of the Philippines

Address: F.Jhocson, Sampaloc, Manila, Metro Manila
Phone: 63 (02) 749 8153

The National University is considered as one of the most popular universities in the country. Aside from the famous and successful graduates they’ve produced, the school made a name in sports, like College basketball and volleyball. This means that NU students can excel in both academic and non-academic aspect.

National University is a private nonsectarian school in the Philippines which is a pioneer member of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities. It is also affiliated with international organizations such as the International Association of Universities and Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning.

National University started as the Colegio Filipino, established on August 1, 1900. The institution was founded by Mariano Fortunato Jhocson who was promoting the concept of ?Dynamic Filipinism? which aims to inculcate competence and leadership, spiritual values and high morals through education among the youth.

The school initially opened to offer elementary and secondary education while business courses were also offered after its first five years. It also changed its name to Colegio Mercantil. Subsequently, in the year 1916, liberal arts courses were offered thus the school became known as the National Academy. It was in 1917 that the school was finally granted permission by the Department of Public Instruction to become known as the National University.

A fire razed the fire in 1998 which destroyed the Main Building, Elementary Building, Law and Commerce Building and the Graduate School Building. What remained is the College of Dentistry Building which is also known as the Allied Health Building. The neo-classical building is located across the main campus and is the university?s oldest structure which is also a heritage landmark within the campus.

Schools and Colleges

National University has twelve schools and colleges:
-College of Architecture offering Bachelor of Science in Architecture.
-College of Business and Accountancy.
-College of Computer Studies
-College of Dentistry
-College of Education, Arts & Sciences
-College of Engineering
-College of Hospitality Management
-College of Nursing
-College of Nursing
-The Graduate School offering Graduate School of Education and College of Engineering
-Nazareth School of National University offering basic education