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Metro Card Club

Address: Bldg. C Bazaar Area, Metrowalk Commercial Complex 1605 Pasig
Phone: 63 2 633-6536 / 63 2 633-6536
Email: metrocardclub@gmail.com
Work time:



24 hours/daily

Are you a poker fanatic? Manila is a perfect place to enjoy the game and win some cold cash. At Metro Card Club, there are many games you can take part in. And the best part is that it is open 24 hours a day; so you can go to the club whenever you want to. Check it out!

One of the famous casino games is Poker. In Las Vegas alone, there are lots of people who are into poker game including known personalities. And then a major poker tournament was held in the Philippines, which started it all – the poker craze. With an enormous number of poker enthusiasts and the help of mass media, this casino game exploded and seized great success.

In Metro Manila, various poker rooms emerged and one of which is the Metro Card Club. It is deemed to be the pioneer of poker game as well as the largest card room in the entire country. Since 2007, the club hosts several poker tournaments, including the Filipino Poker Tour (FPT), which usually attracts a number of passionate poker players. Other games are No Limit Hold’em Poker Tournaments, No Limit Hold’em Cash Games and Major Multi-table Tournaments. One cannot find other games in the club other than poker; hence this place is just for poker lovers or those who are interested in poker.

Where to Find

The club can be found in Metrowalk Commercial Complex in Ortigas. It can be easily distinguished since it is almost always jam-packed; thus you can see lots of people coming in (and out). Unlike major casinos which housed so many tables, Metro Card Club features 30 tables where the action takes place but are full, every time. The club is open 24 hours daily, so guests can pay a visit to the place any time of the day.

Club Game

Metro Card Club players have plenty of options on which game to play. A wide variety of games are offered with different levels of betting. That is why, one’s financial status is never an issue at the club. For beginners, they can start with lower stakes games – the Php10/20 and Php25/50. Otherwise if you want to play big time, higher stakes are up for grab – Php50/100, Php100/200-500 and Php500/1,000. To make each day more exciting, the club offers daily tournaments wherein players could bring home guaranteed cash prizes up to Php200,000.

Additional Perks

The club credits their continuous success to their frequent patrons. And to show their gratitude and appreciation, Metro Card Club rewards their loyal guests by hosting a Php1 million guaranteed freeroll several times within a year. In this game, there are hefty cash prizes and cars at stake for all the winners. With these enormous and jaw-dropping incentives, players will surely never get tired of sitting for hours trying to outsmart their opponents. A definite boost to all poker players.

At Metro Card Club, players can establish a community with other poker enthusiasts where they will be able to share their passion. The club aspires to provide players a safe and comfortable place to enjoy playing the poker game.