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Manila PubCrawl

Address: 4th/Floor Mavenue Building, #7844 Makati Avenue corner Guerrero Street c/o Our Melting Pot Hostel, Makati, Luzon 1223, Philippines
Phone: 63 905 553 9541
Mobile: 639178088433
Email: manila@pubcrawl.ph

Bring life to those boring nights by joining a bar hopping tour at Manila PubCrawl. Surely, you will not just enjoy the drinks and the party atmosphere in each pub, but will savor the company of your fellow crawlers.

Are you tired of going to a bar every weekend night alone? This should not be the case when you take part in a bar hopping event with the Manila PubCrawl. The event is not restricted to locals nor to foreigners alone. Manila Pub Crawl offers a bar-hopping tour with mix participants, No gender or race discrimination. The tour is primarily designed for participants to meet, mingle and make new friends while enjoying the best nightlife in the city.

For local participants, the tour is a perfect way to meet people from other places specially from different countries. It can help them learn new cultures and just expand their network. Meanwhile, tourists will be able to meet locals and discover the nightlife in Manila or the “Pinoy Style” of having fun at night.

A Bit of History

Manila Pub Crawl is actually the second branch of the establishment. The first one is the Boracay PubCrawl which gained much popularity in the area considering that the place is a tourist destination. And with its great success, Manila Pub Crawl was born and another one in Quezon City.

Manila PubCrawl Experience

During the tour, participants will visit some of the finest bars and pubs in the area,; hence offering them more choices to enjoy the night. But what makes Manila PubCrawl unique is their Pinoy means of crawling from one bar to another. They put a twist to the tour through their infamous party jeepney. All guests will board on the jeepney towards their destinations, thus adding Pinoy taste to the experience.

For those who do not know, jeepney is the primary mode of transportation in the Philippines. However, Manila PubCrawl’s jeepney is not like the ordinary. Their jeepney was transformed into a party mode venue with padded ceiling and soft, comfortable seats. There are colorful lights installed to bring more party atmosphere inside the jeepney. In addition, drinks are served while heading to the next bar so the party goes on even when the participants are no longer in the pub.

Participants have to wear the same yellow shirt when going on the tour, so there is no room for fancy attire. The tour usually takes place every Saturday. If you are interested, you can join the tour for as low as Php990. Manila PubCrawl ensures 100 percent fun and excitement during the bar-hopping tour.

Do you want to make the most of your stay in Manila? Try Manila PubCrawl!