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Lexcode Translation

Address: 2th Floor, The 6750 Ayala Corporate Tower, Ayala Avenue, Makati City Philippines 1226
Phone: 63-2-553-3857 / +63-2-586-3235
Mobile: 63 917-539-2633
Fax: 63-2-553-3857
Email: phpm@lexcode.com

For all your language translation needs, Lexicode is always ready to provide genuine assistance. They have proven track records to back their expertise when it comes to translating different languages. Trust only the most dependable establishment.

Lexcode is a company that offers translation and interpretation started as a simple affiliate of a Korean college in 1999. It evolved into a non-profit organization that used to handle small translation projects for publishers and the government. When Young Ham, its current CEO took over in 2002, the company took another turn.

In 2004, Young Ham moved to Cheonan with the company?s operating director, Misoon Park and the technical director, Sumi Noh. The company expanded and in just three years, it opened an office in Seoul where its headquarters was moved in 2009. In 2009, it had 15 full-time employees and more than 500 freelancers that cater to over 5,000 projects gathering more than two million dollars in revenue.

In 2010, it established a branch in the Philippines. Ham and some staff were on vacation when they saw the opportunity to establish a branch because the country has people who can speak the English language well. Four people were initially hired and through the years, it has expanded to nine full-time employees.

Translation and Interpretation Services

Lexcode offers translation services for all documents in different formats, languages and lengths. Lexcode, Inc delivers fast, reliable and accurate translation projects to clients.
The company?s branch in the Philippines specializes in professional translation services from English to Filipino but there are also clients who request for their documents to be translated in Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other languages with the help of experienced translators.

Lexcode Inc. provides the following translation and interpretation services:

- Translation and Proofing

For general documents, technical manuals, legal contracts, complaints and lawsuit materials, business correspondence, advertisements, proposals, publications, scientific reports, translation and true copy notarization.

- Localization

For translation memory assisted jobs, software and firmware localization, website encoding and decoding in different languages and manual localization with technical writing.

Audio and Visual

For script translation and localization, movies or TV subtitles and non-script translation and scriptization.

Desktop Publishing

For brochures and catalog designs, page layouts and books and manuals.


For interpretation equipment, transmitters, booth rentals, receivers, simultaneous interpretation for conferences and seminars.