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Gloria Maris Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Address: CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63 (02) 551-3692

Gloria Maris uses only the finest and best quality ingredients to serve the freshest dishes to their patrons. They offer a wide array of food choices which will surely tempt every customer to try them all. With sumptuous Chinese and seafood dishes with laidback ambiance, it is surefire an exciting dining experience.

Gloria Maris Chinese Seafood Restaurant is an authentic Chinese restaurant offering nothing but the best seafood choices in the metro. Using only the finest ingredients, the restaurant is the best place to go if you are craving for sumptuous meals at reasonable prices.

Coming into the restaurant, any diner will not help but be tempted to taste all of the dimsum offerings that are waiting for them. The casual atmosphere is a perfect way to complement the wide array of food choices on the menu. Take delight in the Shabu Shabu dishes which are served hot. If you are the type who is watching your weight and the food you are eating, you would have to try their Shabu Shabu offerings because these are not only tasty, these are also very healthy. So go ahead, indulge and not feel any ounce of guilt.

Gloria Maris Chinese Seafood Restaurants are known for their modern Oriental interiors. Diners could not help but relax while indulging in broth of noodle soups and congees for some comfort. The branches also offer their bestsellers of Sharksfin Siomai, Sweet and Sour Pork, Mango Rolls, Chicken in Lemon Sauce, Honey Pork Asado, Seafood Rolls, Roast Duck, Steamed Fish Fillet, Shrimp Balls, and Prawn Salad.

If you dine in other branches such as the one in Iloilo, you will get another set of treats when you are seated at the 2nd floor. There is the live seafood that you can opt for if you want the freshest meals to fill your tummy. You can ask the seafood to be cooked in your choice of dish. If you are a sharksfin lover, you will love all of the variety of soups that are served with luxury items. Diners can also try the peking ducks and the imported pigeons.

VIP function rooms are available in the branches for exclusive functions of companies, families and friends. If you want authentic Chinese dishes to be served on important gatherings, better head to any Gloria Maris Chinese Seafood Restaurant to reserve a VIP room.

Best Sellers

Gloria Maris Chinese Seafood Restaurant offers authentic and sumptuous Chinese dishes that standout among others. It offers the usual dishes that people love and also introduces new and exciting new dishes for their patrons to love. It features some specials to make holidays and other gatherings even more memorable.

During Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, diners are treated to a special dining experience. Gloria Maris is known for its Peking Duck One-Way Skinning Wrapped in Momo Wrapper with Onion Leaks and it is the best dish to order for special gatherings.

For the health-conscious, the Gloriamaris Hianese Chicken is definitely the dish to try. There is no need to travel to Singapore in order to enjoy this savory and nutritious Hongkong chicken boiled, marinated and prepared the Hainese way. Order it separately or in set with Hainan rice and soup.

Also worth the try is the Patatim with Mantao. The meat is taken from the pig’s front leg and cooked perfectly until tender. It is also very flavorful as it is cooked with traditional Chinese herbs and spices and glazed with black mushroom, carrots and Taiwan pechay.

The mantao is enjoyed by filling it with the Patatim or by dipping it in the thick savory sauce.