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Encore Super Club

Address: Unit D, The Fort Entertainment Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines
Phone: +632 8195481 or +632 8164195

Party at one of the best clubs in Taguig, the Encore Super Club. It is not only a place to dance the night away; but a club where you can experience how to party in a sophisticated way. Who knows you might bump into some of the famous personalities in the country.

Formerly known as the Embassy Club, Encore Superclub stood proudly among other excellent clubs at the Fort. This club is a favorite hangout place for a lot of “it girls” and other famous personalities. Hence, the club became a hot spot to party and rub elbows with the most popular socialites, models, actresses and actors.


After it was renovated and restructured, Encore possessed state-of-the-art facility and futuristic look. The architectural design seemed to have been well-planned and perfectly executed producing an astonishingly modernize club. Its posh interior design gives off a timeless feeling that party goers will surely enjoy. From the furnishing to the cutting-edge lighting setups, guests might forget the time while having a good time partying.

Nightlife Experience

Encore features two rooms to accommodate different preferences of their guests in terms of music genre.

For those who are up for a wild party, the room featuring Hip-Hop music is the best choice. Guests can groove along with those fast rhythm playlists and dance like there’s no tomorrow. They can party all night long until their legs surrender. Obviously, this part of the club is filled with younger guests who grew up with hip-hop music. The songs are somewhat familiar.

Meanwhile, if you just want to chill or dance a little, make your way to the other room at Encore. This room plays techno and electronic music wherein the crowd can still feel the party atmosphere without going wild. Guest can party with sophistication. It is a place where party goers can savor the atmosphere, meet new people, enjoy a good conversation with friends.

The music playlist at Encore is not only limited to hip-hop and electronic. In fact, the club has a wide array of playlist depending on the day of the week. From Thursday to Saturday, hip-hop and techno musics dominate the lists at the club. A very interesting playlist falls on Monday wherein party goers can groove along with ballroom music. The rest of the day have their respective music genre.


Drinks are overflowing at Encore. There are many choices of drinks offered at the club. Ladies can choose from several ladies drinks available on the menu. On the other hand, there are beers, gin, rum and other liquor drinks for men (and women). Scared to get drunk? Champagne is likewise on the house. Otherwise, non-alcoholic drinks like water and tea can be ordered.

Many kinds of food are available in the club. Frites and other bite size food are the perfect match for your favorite drink.

Experience a fulfilling party, a distinct way of exchanging friendly conversation and an extraordinary way of chilling like you should at the Encore Super Club. The night is indeed alive from sun down to sun up when you are having a good time. Undeniably true, Encore continues to redefine the nightlife and entertainment style in Manila with its good booze, impressive music choices, modern ambiance and best party goers.