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Café Havana

Address: Level 1, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Centre, Makati City, Manila
Phone: 63 (02) 757 4370 / 63 (2) 757 4371
Mobile: (+63) 908-894-48-34

Tired of those techno, hip-hop and R&B music? Head to Cafe Havana to experience the soulful Latin music that will surely soothe your senses. In addition, there are mouth watering food and great drinks you can enjoy.

One of the most lively spots in the metro when the night falls is Cafe Havana. Owned by Larry J Cruz, this bar and restaurant pays tribute to Cubano-Latino, which depicts through its live music, food and ambiance. Strategically located in the center courtyard of Greenbelt 3 mall, the bar offers great atmosphere both inside and outside. Its accessible location is one of the reasons why people flock to this place – it’s easy to find. Cafe Havana does not only appeal to locals; a huge number of expats visit the place to drink, try their food, relax (and maybe meet people).


The interior of Cafe Havana looks very cozy with wooden ceiling and wall. Its earth-toned furnishings perfectly complement with the general theme of the bar. The bar counter flaunts a unique appeal with glass-made liquor storage and tall grass decoration. Speakers are installed in different spots of Cafe Havana along with flat screen televisions. The bright lights affixed to the ceiling bring in dramatic effect in the entire place. Moreover, those animal head sculptures mounted on the wall often attract the attention of the customers. Indeed, one can feel the spirit of Latin culture from its decor.

Cafe Havana’s outdoor space offers a breath of fresh air. There are tables and chairs set up outside along with canopies. Customers can opt to stay outside if they want to witness the lazy and colorful lights from neighboring establishments. Of if they simply want to stare at the dark sky.

Nightlife Experience

What draws the attention of most people to visit Cafe Havana is their live band playing Latin music every night. The great live Latin music often lures customers to jump off their seats and groove along with the foreign beat. When salsa is played, who can resist to dance. If your feet move in different directions, don’t worry, there are dance instructors you can ask to help you.

The night scene at Cafe Havana is never complete without the presence of expats from different parts of the world, such as the Middle East, North America, Asia and Europe. From businessmen to regular tourists, they can be found at the bar sipping their favorite drinks and chatting with friends.


When talking about food, Cafe Havana is known to have an excellent lunch buffet. This means, the resto bar is not only jam-packed during the night; but also when the sun is still up and shining. A lot of people likewise look forward to having dinner at the Cafe Havana due to its sumptuous dishes. Some of its specialties include spareribs habanera, Cuban stew encendido, Caribbean salmon with mango mambo salsa and smokeless cigar.

The bar offers a wide variety of liquor drinks and non-liquor beverages. One of their best sellers is the mojito. Cafe Havana’s mojitos are said to be among the best in the city. Coffee is also served for those coffee addicts.

They welcome walk-in customers; but reservations are also available. The bar is suitable for groups or solo. Otherwise, take out is likewise possible.

For those who are looking for a place to cool down on a sultry night, Cafe Havana’s food and soulful music are good options.