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Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro

Address: Unit 1 Paseo Parkview Tower, San Augustin, Makati City
Phone: 63 (02) 501 5203
Email: bugsys_bar@yahoo.com
Work time:

Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 5:00 am

Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro is known for having a cozy interior, relaxing ambiance, prompt service and reliable crew. It offers the best American-style comfort food that are both delicious and affordable. It is a perfect place for social economic classes or just hang out with friends.

Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro is a full service bar and bistro that offers affordable comfort food and drinks. It is known for having a cozy interior, relaxing ambiance, prompt service and reliable crew. It is a welcoming place for diners of all ages and social economic classes to dine, drink and just relax. Friends can hang out and spend their weekend nights just to catch up with each other.

Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro serves the best American-style comfort food that are both delicious and affordable.

Best Time to Go:

Bugsy’s offer great food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks but it is more advisable to come for lunch because of the ample light and free tables and booths awaiting diners. Coming later, especially at about 11PM, most of the young professionals flock to the restaurant even during weekends. Non-smokers should make sure that they leave the place before 10PM, just before patrons are allowed to light-up indoors.

What to Order:

Bugsy’s is known for serving the best beef tenders for PhP 175 per serving and chicken wings for PhP 165 per serving. Everyone who already tried it came back time and time again just to get their fix o these dishes. You will never regret licking your fingers after eating every single piece of meat which taste so well up to the last bite.

The beef tenders are soft, seasoned well with pepper and other ingredients making it succulent and tasty to the last bite. The tenders are made from Chef Paul’s secret recipe. They are good to be eaten as is but the blue cheese dressing served in a yegger makes the treat even tastier.

The fish and chips served at PhP 185 per serving is also a must-try. It is not very golden brown in color so if you want your fish to have that golden look, tell your waiter ahead.

Also a cool thing about Bugsy’s is that it is one of the very few bistros in the metro that serves Dr. Pepper for PhP40. Dr. Pepper is the perfect alternative to beer when you are in a bar and is devouring every bar chow that you can get. If you are not in the mood for any beer or is not drinking it at all, then Dr. Pepper is the best option that you have.

The Ambiance

If you are dining during the day, young professionals who work around business establishments in Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro branches are hanging around and discussing work while enjoying their lunch. At night, expect the scene to change drastically. Most of the young professionals would be off to these branches to enjoy a good night with friends and workmates. Expect them in their after-work casual clothes doing patron shots by the bar PhP220 per shot. Brothers Miguel and Martin Warren and operations manager Perry Quimbo would be in any of the branches to catch up with their patrons.

Tips for Diners:

Apart from the fish and chips, you should also be clear with instructions should you order Bugsy Malones or Angus Rib-eye Steak which is served for PhP380. It is cooked and served medium rare unless patrons are told otherwise. If you are not a fan of medium rare steak, instruct the waiter to cook your order thoroughly or how you want it.

Visit any branches of Bugsy’s to experience their heavenly offering.

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