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AutoKid Manila Car Dealership

Address: 289 G. Araneta Ave. Cor Mauban St., Quezon City
Phone: 63.2.788-6726
Mobile: 639178988543
Fax: 63.2. 416-5860
Email: kim@autokid.com.ph
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Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Sat - Sun: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Are you in search of affordable yet high quality vehicle? Autokid Manila is readily available to help you. With its wide array of second hand cars, you can surely find the one that fits your need and budget.

Acquiring a brand new car often entails shelling out a huge amount of money. To those who have the budget, price is never an issue. But to those who cannot produce enough cold cash or are not eligible to obtain a car loan, the Autokid Manila Car Dealership is the ultimate solution. Unlike many auto dealers in Manila, the shop is known in selling, buying and trading high quality second-hand vehicles.

Some people might smirk when they think of getting used car due to the perception of low quality. But in Autokid, every customer is guaranteed that all vehicles in their showroom are good as new. Autokid has skilled technicians who perform a thorough inspection on each automobile on the lot to check the condition and to assure customers that cars were not salvaged nor tampered.

A Bit of History

On October 2011, the Autokid Manila Car Dealership was founded to cater to the increasing demand for used vehicles in the market, especially in Metro Manila area. Originally, owners Marvin Tiu Lim and Kevin Yao entered the car dealership industry in late 2010 to buy and sell second hand cars online. However, they noticed the high demand and the business growth opportunities in having a showroom for their customers – and not just over the web.

The Shop

Situated on a 1,200 square meter lot on Araneta Avenue, the Autokid showroom can house up to 80 cars. Its large area enables the shop to integrate a car wash service on the side and a luxurious lounge where customers can relax comfortably while waiting for the car to be released. The location of the showroom is somewhat beneficial to their clients as they are strategically near to the Banawe Street, which is known as a car accessories haven.


Autokid is committed to provide top quality, reliable and safe second hand vehicles. The shop boasts tons of used vehicles of varied famous brands in their showroom. They offer a range of pre-owned cars and Japan Surplus trucks. Some of car brands you may find include Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Kia, Mercedez-Benz, Mini Cooper, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota and more. Meanwhile, if you are looking for used trucks, you may choose from 4-wheeler, 6-wheeler or the smaller type multicab.

With a large selection to decide on, it may help if you would also check the available cars by price so you will know which brands suit your budget. There are cars with below Php400,000 thousand price tag. Some models may cost up to Php801,000 thousand. It is vitally important to determine how much you are willing to dispense to buy a car.

Other Services

Aside from the second hand car dealership, Autokid likewise offer other automotive services. One of which is Financing. In this service, Autokid can help you acquire the car of your choice through financing. They can assist you in applying for a car loan from a reputed finance establishment.

Autokid received an accreditation as an insurance agency. Hence, they are able to offer low car insurance packages to their clients once they buy a car from the shop. This service eliminates the hassle of looking for a reputable insurance provider.

In case you have a car and you want to own a brand new one but do not have enough budget, you may consider the trade-in service of Autokid. In this service, you can get a new car in exchange of your previous one. Trade in usually involves appraising your old car to determine its current value. Once it is done, they may offer you to acquire an auto on display with the same value or to get a higher valued vehicle then you will just add money.

To those who are not really fond of second hand vehicles, Autokid likewise offers new cars. Autokid agents are readily available to entertain any inquiry that you may have.

Autokid Manila Car Dealership believes that owning a car does not have to be expensive. There are second hand automobiles that you can check out which are of excellent quality yet affordable. Thus, you can hit the road without hurting your wallet.