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Aero-Tour Services

Address: Delta Gate, General Aviation Area, Domestic Airport Rd. Pasay City Metro Manila Philippines
Mobile: 63.906.500.3069 / +63.921.667.6177
Email: aircraft_charter@yahoo.com

Whether you are up for sky adventure or sightseeing from thousands of feet above, you need a reliable aerial service. There is a handful of companies offering the service, but only few can be trusted. So if you want to experience the best private flight in Manila or nearby provinces, Aero-tour Services is the one to visit.

Some people dream of heading into a sky adventure that will mark a memorable event in their lives. What adventure do you want to take? Do you want to dare feel the thrill of jumping off a plane from high altitude? Do you need a ride to various destinations? With the help of Aero-Tour Services all of these things could be done without hassle!

Flying-in can be stressful so hiring a private charter for VIP transport, aerial viewing, leisure and vacation trips, cargo transportation and sling, aerial photo and video, medical/patient transport, flower and leaflets dropping, skydiving and many others seem more practical. Aero-Tour Services understands this growing need for personalized and prompt air services through aircrafts for hire and for sale.

Air Craft Options

Let L-140 and L-420

Can seat up to 17 passengers or 14 VIP seats with toilet and baggage allowance of up to 150 Kg or 1 ton when converted to cargo hauling.

Beechcraft King Air 350

Can seat 8 passengers in main cabin with optional seating for two. It has one toilet compartment and flightdeck next to the pilot.

King Air 90 Series

Can seat 4 passengers plus 1 jump seat or 6 passengers for Bench type seats for pilot of 2 or 1 mechanic.

Israel IAI-1124 Westwind I&II

This plane can seat seven passengers in a corporate layout or a maximum of 10. There are executive chairs and can be used for flights direct from Manila to Singapore or Malaysia. It can be used as air ambulance and other medical services via airlift.

Cessna 501 Citation I/SP Aircraft Performance

This can accommodate two pilots and the optional main cabin can accommodate up to seven passengers.

Helicopter Options

Bell 407 VIP

Can typically seat 4 VIP and 1 pilot. It is the most reliable helicopter Bell which has more leg room, more power and more baggage allowance. It comes with comfortable seas for most executive flights.

Robinson R-44 Raven II

Seats four with two passengers on bench seat behind the pilot and passenger.

Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III

Can seat 4 passengers and 1 pilot or it can perform cargo sling load of up to 300kg.

AS350 ecureuil

Seats 5 passengers and 1 pilot or 400kg internal or external cargo.

Whatever the type of air services that you need, Aero-Tour Services can accommodate these. Through various aircraft that you can charter, you are assured to come to important meetings on time or attend to personal matters without any hassle.