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Accord Asian Security Agency Inc.

Address: #8 Pittsburgh Street, Barangay Silangan District 3 Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: 63 (2) 7093747 / 63 (2) 7093753
Email: accordasian@gmail.com

Tighen the security of your business by hiring the best security personnel in town. And when talking about the most reliable security agency in the country, Accord Asian Security Agency Incorporated (AASAI) is a name you can trust. Packed with outstanding records, you will never go wrong with this agency.

Because of the growing number of crimes in the country, businesses and even private individuals make it a point to hire security escorts and guards to ensure the safety of their lives and properties. If you are looking for professionals who can safeguard your home, offices and loved-ones, Accord Asian Security Agency Incorporated (AASAI) could be the best option you have.

AASAI offers a breed of security personnel that can respond to the demands of businesses and individuals. AASAI is owned by individuals behind Action Force Security and Allied Services that has been an established name in the industry owing to its years of experience.

AASAI is also backed by active and retired police and military consultants who give valuable insights and training to its personnel.

It is very important for businesses and individuals to be conscious in safeguarding themselves against criminal entities. Law enforcement agencies encourage the help of security personnel who guard edifices against suspicious individuals. They too, help a lot in safeguarding VIPs and business people in attending their functions.

Due to the incidence of robberies in businesses, the occurrence of different types of criminal activities even within public-frequented areas, calls for stronger security has become more apparent. But trusting just any agency is a risk. Instead, it is advised to choose an agency that has a proven track record and takes an initiative to constantly train its personnel to offer better protection to its clientele.

Service Offerings:

Guard Posting- AASAI post guards who are tailored to meet the specific needs of clients. The guards are trained and further training is facilitated by AASAI?s pre-posting workshop designed for the security and law enforcement sectors.

Client-Security Guard Matching- is an instrument administered by a licensed trainors and allow personality profiling of guards.
Security consultants are also available to help in providing the best service to clients. These consultants are people who are either actively serving the police and military or those who have retired already.