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24/7 Taxi Service

Address: Brgy. San Miguel 1600 Pasig
Phone: 63.2.640-2318
Email: firstcng@pldtdsl.net

For a comfortable and hassle free means of transportation within Manila, taxi is the most ideal option. The 24/7 taxi service offers a great experience in taking you to your destination. All the drivers undergone training and seminars to ensure utmost customer service.

When you need a vehicle to rescue you, count on 24/7 Taxi. You can count on 24/7 Taxi to offer you the safest journey in the metro all day.

24/7 Taxi was founded in 2003 with a main office and garage in Pasig City. With 220 units on its fleet, 24/7 Taxi guarantees to serve clients whenever they need a lift. The fleet is composed of Toyota Altis units that offer more leg room and New 2014 Toyota Vios for VIP passengers.

24/7 Taxi commits to offer passengers with global standard public transport service while putting attention on safety, cleanliness and comfort. Every passenger is guaranteed that they can have a good experience all the time.

The fleet is grouped accordingly: 2013 and 2014 Toyota Vios are white taxis, Toyota Altis are also white taxies while the yellow taxis are all Toyota Vios.

The drivers are experienced, knowledgeable of alternative routes and are trained so they can serve clients properly. Apart from safety, the riding public can enjoy the ride because of their courteous and friendly drivers.

Female Drivers

24/7 Taxi is also behind women empowerment as they hire women drivers. Women who know how to drive and have a professional driver?s license are welcome. This is an initiative to educate and empower women with the skills and confidence that they need to earn and help their families.

Safety and Reliability

24/7 Taxi is available on mobile through the GrabTaxi Philippines application. By downloading this application on a smartphone, users are able to contact taxi companies and hire a taxi at the nearest point. This assures you of a taxi ride whenever you need one. This app gives a lot of convenience to the riding project and most of all, passengers feel safe for their journey is tracked.


If your smartphone does not have the GrabTaxi Philippines application yet, just go and call 24/7 Taxi to avail of the taxi pick-up services. Surcharge for phone pick-ups is PhP70.