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Taxi companies in Manila

There are more than 5,000 taxis in Manila that are approved by the local government. Majority of these taxis work under a dozen of big taxi companies, which operate the transportation market in Manila. Meanwhile, there are also stand-alone taxi drivers who offer unparalleled service to customers. In an effort to provide the best possible service, many taxi companies carry out some safety procedures like listing down taxi's plate.

As a tourist in Manila, we highly recommend choosing the service of a reputed taxi company.

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24/7 Taxi Service

Address: Brgy. San Miguel 1600 Pasig
Phone: 63.2.640-2318
Email: firstcng@pldtdsl.net
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For a comfortable and hassle free means of transportation within Manila, taxi is the most ideal option. The 24/7 taxi service offers a great experience in taking you to your destination. All the drivers undergone training and seminars to ensure utmost customer service.

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Address: Lot 4 Market Avenue Basic Compound Pasig Metro Manila Philippines
Phone: 63(2)900-1448 / +63(2)900-1447 / +63(2)643-7777
Fax: 63.2.640-3455
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Comfort and safety are the top priority of Basic taxi. Hence if you want to have a worry-free travel on the road, be sure to pick the most reliable taxi service provider. Check the background and name of the provider to ensure credibility.


Reno Taxi

Address: 51 Commonwealth Avenue, Fairview, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone: 63 (2) 9312681
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At times, the kind of service you will get depends on the driver himself no matter what taxi company he belongs. And so to stay away from being overcharged in your taxi bill, read over our guide on how to avoid taxi scam in Manila.

Despite the fact that there is a strict implementation of policy protecting the passenger, there are still drivers charging overly high rates. That is why it is very important for the passengers to be very vigilant in choosing a taxi. Always opt for taxicabs that are called by security personnel of an establishment. Be ware of those taxi drivers who force or insist you to ride their cabs. They might just take advantage of you specially if you are a foreigner or a first-time visitor. If you can identify them, it will be easier to avoid them and you can have a pleasant and enjoyable trip around Manila.