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Temples in Manila

Temples in Manila. Tourists visiting the capital of the Philippines can find so many temples built in the city. Mostly, these are religious temples wherein certain religious groups carry out their respective ceremony or gathering. Some temples are not really open to the public which means only members are allowed to get inside. Meanwhile, other temples become tourist attractions where people can enter so long as they follow their rules.


Manila Philippines Temple

“….temple serves half a million members of the LDS church in the Philippines, Singapore, Micronesia, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma and India..”

Location: 13 Temple Drive Greenmeadows Subdivision 1110 Quezon City, National Capital Region
Manila Philippines Temple map. How to get to Manila Philippines Temple in Manila

If you are planning to visit any of the temples in Manila, please review our list so you know where you can go. Our list include comprehensive details including locations, fees and basic policy. In case you know a temple in Manila that is not on our list, feel free to email us the information so we can include it. Email us at office@guide-manila.com.