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Architecture attractions in Sofia


Old Architecture in Manila. As a whole, Philippines is widely known for its rich history. That is why there are a handful of amazing architectures in different cities specifically in Manila. These architectural structures have been present for decades and even centuries. Despite the test of time, these incredible structures are still standing proud illustrating the wealthy history and heritage of the place. No wonder why a lot of tourists are interested in exploring and discovering the story behind every architecture. Some old architectures in Manila include Intramuros, Fort Santiago, Agustinian churches and Bahay na bato.

Modern Architecture in Manila. With regards to modern architecture, Manila holds some of the most advanced and state-of-the-art buildings. It is reflected in those skyscrapers in the heart of Manila. From malls like MOA, business facilities to hotels, the architectural structures are pretty much modernized with their jaw-dropping designs.


Our team at Guide Manila prepared a compilation of the best architectures in the city and the entire Philippines. Check out our list so you can decided where to go when you visit Manila.