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Video 48

Attraction type: Entertainment
Address: 48 West Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone: +63 3 373-2936
Email: simon.santos48@gmail.com

“What makes Video 48 a popular rental shop?..”

In today’s technology advancement, anyone can easily watch or download movies via the Internet. But despite the high technology, Video 48 remains a treasure keeper of olden motion pictures. This video rental store has stood still against the test of time.

Video 48 started its operation back in 1988 offering betamax tapes for rent. During that time, there were only about 200 tapes available. As time passed by, the video rental shop has expanded providing a wider selection of VHS tapes, DVDs, VCDs and laser discs of movies both local and international.

What makes the rental store different from the rest is the fact that it offers motion pictures dated back from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and up to the most recent. Movies released between 1950s to 70s are considered as the golden films of the Philippine cinema. In short, these are classic films which can leave vintage lovers drooling over.

Aside from the unique movie collections you can find in Video 48, customers or even just visitors will be mesmerized with the decorations inside the store. Its white walls and wooden tables are decorated with toys as well as posters. There are plastic action figures of Star Wars characters enclosed in a glass cabinet. A life-sized figure of Master Yoda is also displayed next to the entrance door. Large poster of famous Hollywood and local artists are likewise adorned inside the store. Visiting the place will surely be an enjoyable time.