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Ultimate Frisbee

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“Gotta catch ‘em… you will surely say this if you take part in a frisbee game..”

The Philippine Ultimate Association is the home of various Frisbee teams in the Philippines. The association is home to the: Manila Spirits, Boracay Beach ultimate, celebrity athletes, Tanduay and short MVPs. The PUA is a non-stock, non-profit volunteer organization of ultimate Frisbee players who train, hold tournaments and organize other activities for players.

Ultimate Frisbee, often referred to as Ultimate, is a non-contact, seven-player per side sport that is played with a flying disc. The aim of the game is to score by passing the disc to the player in the opposing zone. The players cannot run while they are holding the disc.

It is played in a rectangular field that is about half the total width of a football field with each of the end as end zones. This is where a player stands and waits for the disc to be thrown. In order for the disc to come to the end zone, the players should pass the disc around to their team members. When the disc is not passed, the team commits a turnover and the other team would take the disc to have a chance to score. Most typical games are played with 17 goals.

One thing that sets the game apart is that players officiate themselves. This means that the players call on points and offenses therefore encouraging fair play and sportsmanship. Apart from the winner, there will also be a most-spirited team award which will be given to the players. The award is similar to the sportsmanship award given to the team or individual who is most pleasant to play with.

While Ultimate is still a budding activity in the Philippines, various awards and tournaments were won by Filipino teams in the past. Everyone aspiring to play Ultimate Frisbee professionally can contact the PUA. The group can also hold clinics and lessons for individuals who want to learn the sport.