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The Wine Museum

Attraction type: Museums & Galleries
Address: 2253 EDSA Aurora Boulevard, Pasay City
Phone: +63 2 853 5894 / +63 2 239 42 78
Fax: +63 2 853 58 94
Email: hotelvino@yahoo.com

“Smell and taste the goodness of wine in a place where different variety of wine flooded…”

Hearing about wine as a way to enrich the social experience of people is something that many Filipinos have not totally embraced. The very thought of the price is already a hindrance to embracing such a fact. But once you come to the Wine Museum, the apprehensions would start to disappear.

The Wine Museum is a mini museum, restaurant and inn that is strategically situated near the airport to cater to budget travelers. Those who come to The Wine Museum could expect to be served with a feast of Spanish, American and Filipino dishes served with, nothing else but wine.

If you get lucky, the people behind The Wine Museum could cater to a wine appreciation course. This is one of the many things that the people behind this museum, inn and restaurant are busy with. These people are also the ones behind Ralph’s Wines and Spirits stores found in many cities around the country. Their aim is not just to cater to the needs of budget travelers for a place to stay and food to eat but also help them appreciate wine drinking in the social setting.

The appreciation course could tackle the history of wine, its evolution and how it has become influential in the world today. The course also helps attendees identify the characteristics of different wines through the appearance, nose and taste of the varieties.

Learning about wine and pairing it with the right dishes could be tough but the experience helps embrace the fact that wine is just as important to social drinking as beer, whisky and cocktails. If you grow tired from all the wine tasting, you can always rest in one of the rooms of the inn.