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Salsa Fanatics Entertainment

Attraction type: Entertainment
Address: La Dolce Vita, 41 Polaris St., Bel-Air, Makati City
Mobile: +63915 4777478; +63916-9264007
Email: salsa.fanatics@yahoo.com
http://salsafanatics.wordpress.com ; http://salsafanatics.multiply.com
Work time:

Open at 10:PM - 2:00AM

“If you want a lively nightlife, you must visit this place… “

Salsa Fanatics Entertainment is a group of dancers who teach basic salsa to everyone interested. The group wants to promote the hot salsa music all over the metro. There is no age requirement in joining the group, all it takes is the interest to learn and spread the salsa thrill. The growing community is not failing in their aim as their number keeps multiplying since they started in 2008.

Salsa is a dance that traces its origins from the Cuban Son of 1920s and Afro-Cuban dance. It is often associated with the salsa music style even if it may be danced under other types of music as long as it is with an 8-count rhythm.

There are many styles of Salsa dancing. It is characterized with the dancer changing weight by stepping with the upper body unaffected by the weight changes. The weight shifts cause the hips to move as the arm and shoulder movements are incorporated. The Cuban Casino style of dancing involves movements of the waist, up and down shoulder movements and shifting of the ribcage. Hand signals also play a huge part in the choreography of each dance.

Salsa dances are often held in night clubs, ballrooms, restaurants, Cuban bars and outside as part of outdoor festivals. The dance has also become very popular that the rest of the world is infected with the salsa fever. Groups like Salsa Fanatics Entertainment bring the dance and rhythm closer to everyone.

Salsa Fanatics Entertainment holds Salsa Nights in Manila every Thursday at La Dolce Vita Bar and Restaurant. Dancing starts at 10PM with free lessons at 10:30PM. There are also Saturday sessions at Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar in Makati Avenue across A Venue Mall, Makati City. Dancing starts at 10PM and free lessons are held at 10:30PM.

Salsa Fanatics Entertainment - Price list

No entrance

Food prices range from Php300-up.
Drinks from Php70-up.

Salsa Fanatics Entertainment - Notes

Free dancing lessons @ 10:30PM