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Philippine Underwater Hockey Confederation

Attraction type: Sport facilities
Address: 133 F. Scout Rallos Street, Kamuning, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone: 63 (2) 928-3899 or 637-8953
Mobile: 63922 833-3957
Email: info@puhc.com.ph

“If you are on the hunt of exciting and super thrilling adventure, this kind of sport game is perfect for you….”

Are you tired of the usual water sports? Perhaps you can add an exciting sport that will require you to swim and get competitive at the same time. Two teams composed of six members compete at the bottom of a swimming pool. The teams will guide the three-pound lead puck using a stick which is a foot-long towards the untended metal goal. Yes, it is underwater hockey we are talking about here and if you want to know more, checking with the Philippine Underwater Hockey Confederation is a great way to start.

The players are armed with a mask, protective glove, headgear, snorkel fins and ear guards. These are essential as they are going to be swimming at the bottom of the pool for most part of the game. It would be a great advantage if the players know how to swim but if they are not, they always have an option to play the game in shallower water.

The sport is dedicated to people who just want to play in the water. Anyone can play effectively and even those who are just interested are welcomed by the Philippine Underwater Hockey Confederation. The team members come from different backgrounds. Underwater hockey is played four times a week during Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends in Ultra, La Salle Greenhills, Philippine Army Pool and Manila Polo Club. The organization also spearheads different tournaments that members and hockey enthusiasts can participate in.

If you want to be a part of the underwater hockey enthusiasts in the country, check out the website of Philippine Underwater Hockey Confederation. You can find the list of venues and game schedules that they have.