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Laughter Yoga Lingap Karunungan Center

Attraction type: Entertainment
Address: Martinez St., Bgy. Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City
Mobile: 0926-6493779

“Are you looking for means to relieve stress without exerting much effort? This is the place to check out..”

Squeeze the stress away in the simplest way at Laughter Yoga Lingap Karunungan Center.

Paolo Trinidad is a guidance counselor in Manila who went to India and returned to set everyone in laughing episodes like it is some infectious thing. For him, laughter would help promote a healthier mindset even when there is really nothing to think about.

For Trinidad, faking laughter would not really be any different from real laughter. The psychological effects of laughing to the brain, behavior and body are the same whether a person is inducing the laughter or not.

Laughter yoga is a combination of unconditional laughter and yogic breathing. Any person who will laugh for no reason while doing the positions can perform this exercise. The laughter is simulated as a body exercise. Most of the time, laughter yoga is done with a group so that the members could unleash their childlike playfulness and they would burst out into laughter more easily.

Laughter yoga stimulates good mood and more laughter. The body seems to adopt the good mood state that is started by the stimulated laughter. It also unloads a person of the worries therefore the good mood would come almost instantly. This makes the exercise also helpful in beating stress. People who do this exercise are also believed to become healthier and enjoy better life quality.

Perhaps the biggest and most controversial benefit claimed by people who conduct laughter yoga is that it develops a person’s positive attitude when times are tough. Whenever a person learns to laugh despite the hardships, it is believed to help him cope with the issues better. It also develops a person’s hope and optimism.

Mr. Trinidad conducts the laughter yoga sessions in elderly homes, children’s shelter, cancer wards, corporate offices, schools and other environments or venues where people endure too much stress or trauma.