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Krav Maga Philippines

Attraction type: Sport facilities
Address: Asuncion Badminton Center 20 E. Maclang cor. P. Guevarra, Lungsód ng San Juan 1500
Phone: +63 (2) 726 5021
Email: admin@kravmaga.ph

“Learn how to protect yourself in times of great danger by taking self-defense class..”

With all the news of criminal activities happening in many parts of the metro, the best thing that individuals can do is be prepared. Krav Maga is the place to learn practical and tactical systems that will help in preventing, dealing and overcoming attacks and violence. The trainees are prepared for self protection, self-defense, fighting and combat skills. They are also trained to defend others through unique and comprehensive ways.

Krav Maga is an effective self-defense system that is easily implemented and learned. If you have seen the movie Enough starring Jennifer Lopez then you are definitely in the right track. But if you are thinking that this is similar to other martial arts like muay thai or MMA then you should change the way you look at it. Starters should know that this is not a martial art at all.

The self defense system where your only aim is to hit and hurt the opponent and get away as fast as you can which is a more practical response when you are faced with an aggressive person. So if MMA or Karate forbids hitting the groin, here you will be taught many different ways to do it in order to effectively afflict pain to the other person and for you to run to safety. Yes, height and size are not the biggest considerations here.

There are different themes per session so the students can learn to defend themselves in different situations. Women should especially enroll in the rape defense training where they will be taught how to defend themselves should a perpetrator attack them.

Be prepared to defend yourself as criminal activities continue to increase in the urban jungle. Visit any branch of Krav Maga Philippines to inquire about the classes.