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Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation

Attraction type: Entertainment
Address: Room 302A EMII Bldg., A. Soriano cor. Cabildo Streets, Intramuros, Manila
Phone: 63 (02) 542-7576

“Are you interested in photography? Check this place out..”

The Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation was formed in 1987 to help uplift the state of Philippine photography and the welfare of photographers in the country. The non-stock, non-profit organization is encouraging cooperation among photography associations instead of the unhealthy competition among them.

Leadership is very important among the organizations and with the formation of FPPF allows the organization to rally, work and benefit with each other. There is no particular segment of the industry that does not benefit from the formation of the organization.

FPPF is supported by both sellers and buyers so the manufacturers and dealers and the photographers gets a bridge. The support that the sector needs for activities like trade shows, conventions, photo contests, book projects, travel events and others are being supported. The organization then exists to help the photographers and the industry to go beyond their photographic shell and into more relevant activities and endeavours that benefit other sectors of the society.

FPPF holds workshops monthly photo and over 2,000 photographers have graduated from these since 1993. Most of the graduates have turned to professional photographers and have even won in national and international competitions. FPPF opens its doors to aspiring, serious amateurs and would-be professional photographers. FPPF also holds photo workshops for private and public institutions upon their request.

The FPPF works with the government and private entities to organize orientations and training sessions for senior citizens, out-of-school youth, barangay vocational programs or staff training. The activities could also include audio-visual presentation and exhibitions.


Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation - Price list

Php 4200 - Basic Workshop (during weekends and evenings)
Php 4700 - Advanced Workshop
Php 7500 - Wedding Photography Workshop
Php 2500 - Strobist Workshop
Php 5500 - Complete Digital Darkroom Course