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City Kart Racing

Attraction type: Sport facilities
Address: 3/F Structured Car Park, Market! Market!, C5 corner 32nd Street, Taguig City
Email: welcome@citykartracing.com
Work time:



Tuesday - Sunday from 3:00PM to 8:30PM

“Do you want to be entertained? Try this fast paced recreation where you can control your own speed.. “

Are you a huge fan of Formula 1 Racing? Maybe you are so stressed out and you can only brush off the negativity by hitting the road? If you are the type who wants to enjoy the thrill of fast cars then you should try City Kart Racing in the third floor of Market! Market!

The stressful life that many people in the metro are adapting to would sometimes make them vulnerable to negative feelings. The least that they can do is to release it through some outlet such as racing.

All it takes to let the adrenaline rush pumping is to wear that suit and helmet, a comfortable pair of shoes and other safety gears. It is also good to bring some friends along. If your friends are busy then you can win some friends on the track too. Kids are also welcome to race so long as they are at least four feet tall.

Racing is safe for kids as the 125 cc vehicles used in City Kart. It is enough to give kids and adults goose bumps but because it runs just a few inches above the ground, it can run for up to 120kph but still keep the driver safe. The low-chassis is a safety feature that kids and adults could count on. Even if the kart bumps into rubber walls and other karts, the driver will remain safe.

The karts also have remote control mechanisms enabling the marshals to control the speed of the karts. The drivers would go through a briefing before they are allowed to drive. A basic rule to remember is to never leave the kart while a race is ongoing.


City Kart Racing - Notes

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