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Ayala Museum

Attraction type: Museums & Galleries
Address: Makati Avenue corner De La Rosa Street, San Lorenzo, Makati
Phone: +63 (2) 759 8288
Email: museum_inquiry@ayalamuseum.org

“Golden treasures from Filipino ancestors are also found on display at the Ayala Museum.”

The Ayala Museum is an art and history museum located at the corner of De la Rosa Street and Makati Avenue in Makati City. This was envisioned by abstract painter Fernando Zobel in the 1950s and was established in 1967 under the Ayala Foundation, Inc. started as a museum of Philippine history and iconography, this was transformed into a museum of fine arts and history.

Part of the permanent exhibitions are the Diorama experience where sixty handcrafted dioramas form display the major events and themes from prehistoric times until the recognition of Philippine independence by the United States in the year 1946. This culminates with the People Power multimedia presentation.

Also part of the exhibitions are the maritime vessels used in the Philippines even before the colonial times. This exhibit shows the importance of different watercrafts in the development of the country. There are also exhibits of artworks from 19th to 20th century artists such as Luna, Amorsolo and Zobel.

Golden treasures from Filipino ancestors are also found on display. The gold objects dates back to centuries before the Philippines was colonized in the 16th century by the Spaniards. Many of the objects here are similar in iconography with other Southeast Asian cultures therefore affirming regional ties. The adornments of the elite and their deities are also available.

Apart from gold, there are embroidered multiples also on display coming from the Leiden National Museum of Ethnology. This collection of Philippine garments are acquired from the French diplomat Brejad who served in Manila from the year 1881-1886.

The collection include trousers or sayasaya worn by elite men before and nipis blouses.

Also seen is the Millenium of Contact display of 500 Chinese and Southeast Asian ceramics. These tell the story of how the country forged ties and contact with China and other neighboring countries.

The Ayala Museum also hosts to exhibitions which could feature the worlds of young visual artists, major art pieces, ethnographic items or historical photographs.